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News Room : Is this why you invited me to Mahiyangana to celebrate your father’s birthday, my beloved son?


Parents lament the unexpected death of their doctor son

When a mother learns that a child has been conceived in her womb, she is overjoyed. That happiness grows even stronger when the child born from her womb grows up and advances in education. As a result, only a small proportion of children are given the opportunity to pursue a career in medicine. A mother or father works very hard to make their son or daughter a doctor.

How terrible is it that the mother and father worked so hard to make their kid a doctor, yet the youngster only got to practise medicine for two years? How unpredictable is life? We recently learned about this occurrence, which underscored the impermanence and uncertainty of life in front of Mahiyangana Mapakada Lake once again. On the 14th, 29-year-old physician and gynecologists’ Lakshan Tharindu Wijeratne went to bathe in Mapakada lake and drowned.

This doctor worked in Mahiyangana primary hospital. Lakshan’s hometown was Welagana village, Gampaha Divulapitiya. Being the second child in the family, he has a younger sister and an older sister. He studied advanced level from Bandaranaike College, Gampaha, and achieved fame for the college by obtaining 9 A passes in the general examination and 3 A passes in the advanced level science section.

Lakshan, who entered Kelaniya University for further education, entered Ragama Medical College with a thousand hopes. Pursuing his hopes of becoming a doctor, he received medical internship training related to gynecology and obstetrics at Matale General Hospital. On October 21, 2021, Lakshan got his first appointment as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Mahinyanganaya General Hospital, fulfilling the hopes of his beloved parents. He happily engaged in his profession and was constantly loved by other doctors and nurses.

On the 14th, Dr. Lakshan planned to swim in Mapakada Lake with a doctor friend. But he never imagined that this would be his final journey.
Lakshan had called his mother before leaving for this journey and asked her to come to Mahiyangana on the 17th without fail. It was a birthday celebration for his father. Lakshan was planning a birthday party to honour his mother and father, who had given their life to bring him to this point. But when the naive mother learned of his drowning, all her expectations were dashed in an instant.

My son is a God to me. How can we accept that the son who was supposed to care for us has abandoned us? My kid has been employed at Mahiyangana Hospital for almost two years. Father’s birthday was on the 17th. My son informed me that the four of us will be joining Mahiyangana after several phone calls. But how do we deal with the reality that the son has been told that today is his last day? My son has abandoned us. I never thought my son would abandon us…’ This was how Lakshan’s mother showed her sorrow.

A person sitting on the shores of Mapakada Lake experiences breathtaking scenery. That beauty is adored by many individuals. Lakshan, who lived in a concrete forest in Colombo, must have been overjoyed at Mahiyangana’s beauty. Anyone who looks at his Facebook page can tell that this doctor cared deeply about the environment. That’s why Lakshan called his mum and father.

The water level in the Mapakada lake had risen due to the heavy rains that had fallen over the island, but Lakshan and his friend were unaware of it because they did not bathe in that lake on a daily basis. Many people who came to bathe there were unaware of this. That’s why Lakshan and his doctor friend got caught in Mapakada Lake’s current. Despite the fact that his friend was rescued , Lakshan drowned and vanished. When there was nothing that could be done about this unforeseen catastrophe, Lakshan’s pal came ashore and yelled.

On other days, many people come to bathe in that lake, but only one woman arrived that day. In response to the friend’s cries, a group of people arrived, and for more than two hours they worked together to find Lakshan. Lakshan was then located, and an ambulance was dispatched to transfer him to Mahianganaya Hospital. But Dr. Lakshan had already died.

After Lakshan’s death, the villagers near Mapakada Lake said:

‘Everyone in the village is requesting that this village be provided with a diving kit and trained to save those who are drowning in the water in the future. Since there are no safety notices, outsiders do not know anything about the deep parts of the lake. Several people have been rescued from drowning like this before. We request the authorities to install safety notices around the lake and ensure the safety of the people….’

We have heard that before any trouble happens, we feel it by some indication. The same must have happened to Dr. Lakshan’s mother. Lakshan’s mother said with tears in her eyes.
On the 14th, about 4 p.m., something unexpected occurred. I heard a tremendous noise while I was inside the house. I believed an automobile had stopped in front of the house. There was nothing when I arrived and looked. My husband eventually returned home. He had been in an unforeseen car accident at the time.

Both of these occurrences, I believe, must have occurred at the same time as my son’s condition. Despite the fact that the son stated unequivocally that we would meet on the 17th, the son returned home on the 17th to embark on his final voyage… oh my son….’
No matter how much their child has grown up and held great positions, a mother feels that her son is the little boy he used to be. That’s how mothers are. Lakshan was the only son of the family, the pride of the family. But today he has left all that.

We don’t always obtain what we want in life. How many more valuable lives would Lakshan have saved if he was still alive? I feel immense grief when the country’s valuable lives are destroyed in this manner.
One of the best guys I’ve ever met in life,’ claimed Lakshan’s colleagues in Ragama Medical College’s group 24. We can learn a great lesson from Dr. Lakshan’s life. That is the message: do not bathe in lakes and rivers if you are visiting an unknown country or location. Because our death angel may appear when we least expect it.

If warning signs are installed in such unsafe places, it will be possible to protect many more lives in the future. We remind that the attention of the authorities should be drawn immediately.
….It’s all over now. Lakshan Tharindu Wijeratne, an obstetrician and gynecologists’, bids farewell to his life’s mission. We at ‘Mawrata’ hope that the next generation be spared from such an awful end….

Mapakada Vaw Taulle
Mother, I saw the world
When you wake up from that dream
I’m hiding in the dark at the bottom of the lake
The paintings were created
Your warmth , school time
I liked the environment of Veda Piyasa
To enjoy this world
I am full of love
Fate crossed me
I’m sorry mom
I said goodbye to you and left
Went on a journey that will never come back…
Farewell to life
in tears
I am buried on this ground…

Nilanthi Renuka